New Year’s Resolutions


With 2011 coming to an end, I ask what kind of a New Year’s Resolution goal setter are you?

Do you ignore this task all together? Make a long list only to forget it by the time February rolls around? Or are you like me? I form the list in my head, knowing the majority of it by heart as it has been there year after year.

While reviewing my 2011 goals the other day, those met and those not, I found myself thinking about this year’s accomplishments. You know the ones, they weren’t on the goal sheet. It was a task or a thought that came up during the year, arriving in different sizes and complexities. I began to write these down, astonished at the length of the list. I then reviewed how I handled each of them, some free and easy, others which caused me to tap on areas unknown. When I was done with this task I found that I didn’t feel quite so bad about the 2011 goals I did not meet.

For 2012 I am going to use a new approach! I will continue to set goals as I feel without them I tend to wander, not sure of my final destination. However, this year I will be certain to watch for the unexpected accomplishments and make note of them to review and celebrate at the end of year.